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Decking and Pergolas

Do you need an extra space for entertaining guests or a place where you can just relax? Do you plan on enhancing the look of your garden or the whole feel of your property? At Australian Lattice and Timber Pty Ltd have the answers to your need for additional space and desire for a stylish garden. We can help you design and offer reasonable price for quality decking and Pergolas. Decking is a leveled platform (with stairs and railings) attached to your property which is outlined to be a transitional area between the house and the garden. We can design and install this great extended space at the front or back portion of your property which will provide you additional room for entertaining visitors or a place for you to dine, lounge and relax in. Our decks are made of high quality pine wood and they come in different sizes that will fit your every need. Though there are many decking materials available today, wood decking is still the most popular choice because of its rustic and attractive natural look, durability, and other advantages. Pergolas are known as garden features that forms shaded walkway of pillars that support cross-beams. Pergolas are also designed to support vines and climbing plants that will add shade and color to your garden landscape. If you want to add appeal into your garden, Pergolas can be great structures for your property and we can install them for you. Pergolas are usually attached to the house however, if you prefer a simple freestanding one we can also design and plan a Pergola according to your specifications. Modern designs of Pergolas are made of timber instead of stone or brick pillars, which are more affordable and are more popular. We are glad to construct the perfect Pergola that you have always dreamed of – or, perhaps we can give you great ideas to incorporate in your structure. If you desire both decking and Pergolas in your home, that would be a great idea. We can build a Pergola on your deck. This is a great way to have an extended living area, improve the visual aesthetics of your home and enhance the overall appeal of your garden. Both our decking and Pergolas are made of micro reeded F7 treated pine. You can be assured that our products are durable and can last the test of time because our timber are treated, making them resistant to rot and insect pest. Also, our products are kiln dried and this process of drying makes the timber warp less and kills insects and their eggs too, resulting into a firm and durable product. We also offer roofing colour bond and poly carbonates. We value quality in our materials so that we can provide you with products that you can utilize and enjoy for a long time. We are committed to build decking and Pergolas that is in lined with the structure that you always imagine. So call us now and let’s make your dream decking and Pergolas come true!
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