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Different Types of Timber Used in Creating a Deck

Each timber has special characteristics that make it best suitable for specific weather and purpose. This is the reason why it’s essential to make the right choice of timber in creating a deck. If you’re planning to look for the best timber for your deck and deciding to go to different companies offering decking supplies in Melbourne and Dandenong, here are some things you need to learn first regarding the types of timber used in decking. The materials for timber decking are sectioned into 2 main groups: (1) Hardwood - comes from broad-leaved wood trees. (2) Softwood - comes from evergreen coniferous wood trees. In each of main group are various kinds of boards available. In order to have the right choice, you’ll need to consider the purpose of your deck and the kind of weather it’ll likely encounter - frost, salt water, excessive rain or sun.

Hardwood Decking

Harwood timber is a great choice for decking. It’s usually much durable, more resilient to fungi, rot and pests, and is more rich in colour and grain. But comes along these benefits is high cost. There’s a wide range of hardwood timber for decking and they also have different benefits. Merbau - has deep red-brown colour, initial tannin bleed, and is extremely durable. Kapur - similar to Merbau, however it’s cheaper & not as durable. It has a light reddish brown colour and has great grain. Spotted Gum - similar to Merbau in strength and durability. Its colour is light to dark brown and with grain that has distinctive wavy pattern. Blackbutt - also similar to Merbau in strength and durability. It has golden yellow to pale brown colour and sometimes has slight pink tinge. Blackbutt is also known for its resistance to bush fires. Ironbark - has long life expectancy since it’s a very strong kind of hardwood. It is red, light grey or dark brown in colour. Jarrah - its rating for strength is low, however it’s very durable. It has vibrant red-brown colour. River Red - similar strength and durability to Jarrah. It has deep to light red & brown colour.

Softwood Decking

Softwood is a popular decking material choice because they‘re easier to work with compared to hardwood and they’re cheaper. When this wood is treated and kiln dried, decking made of softwood can provide great resistance to rot, termites, and weathering. There’s a newer and safer method treatment of softwood now available in the industry and it has clear finish and the treatment allows the pale natural pine colour show through. Decking made of Pine is also versatile since it has that natural pale colour that allows the wood to wear different shades of stain radiantly. Learning the different types of timber used in building decks and knowing their special characteristics can help you choose the most suitable timber for your Dandenong timber decking. And when you’ve decided to purchase the right timber, be sure to go to a reputable company that offers the best decking supplies in Melbourne.
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