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Paling Fencing

We supply everything you'll need to build your fences

Paling fencing is the most common form of fencing in Melbourne. Rails, plinth and palings are treated pine and the posts are either from cypress or hardwood. fences available Paling fences are great for complete backyard fencing as they provide a beautiful look and can be constructed at various heights to ensure complete privacy, which is the reason why you need fencing around your property. Heights range from 1.65m, 1.95m, 2.25m, 2.55m, with many variations available such as thicker plinth boards, capping, bigger posts and palings fences with lattice. paling fences melbourne The benefit of using wood for your fence is that it provides a “warm”, earthy look while being environmentally friendly and carbon neutral too. People often mention the “homely” look that paling fences have and this type of look blends in well with our natural Australian landscape. You can either pay for a contractor to build the fence for you or you can choose to do it yourself, if you happen to be a handy man who likes projects! Here is what you will need for building your fences:
  • Posts
  • Rails
  • Palings
  • Capping (optional)
Australian Lattice and Timber provide extremely high quality paling fence timber and can advise on how to do it yourself or will arrange for a contractor to quote the job for you, in the Melbourne metro area. Click Here To buy Supplies online!
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