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Picket Fencing Melbourne, Dandenong

Fences That Make Your Home Look Terrific

Mention picket fencing to somebody and it is likely that they will visualise the white fence at the front of a house that reflects the classic Federation or Old World homes of yesteryear. While this is typical of most picket fences, there is no doubt, that there is nothing more warm and welcoming as a fence like this. Melbourne Picket FenceThere will be many homes in the Melbourne that will be of either of these classic styles and will either have or will benefit from, a beautiful fence to showcase the property. When built and installed properly these types of fences can beautify the complete landscape of a home and add on huge value. Picket fences can come in varying styles so it is important to pick the right shape to compliment your house, depending on whether it is a traditional or modern style. Materials generally required for the construction of a picket fence include:
  • Posts & Pickets (made from a cypress pine or hardwood)
  • Rails (made from treated kiln dried pine)
  • Galvanised screws and nails (for fixing rails to posts)
  • Safety gear (glasses and ear protection)
  • Concrete/Cement (for post holes)
  • Wood preservative or paint
  At Australian Lattice and Timber, we can supply all the materials needed for the home handy man to complete this project, or can provide details of professional contractors who will build the fence for you, no matter where you live in the Melbourne. timber picket fencing
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