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Elegant and Affordable Pool Fencing in Melbourne and Dandenong

How would you like to have pool fencing 45% stronger than any other fencing? The incidence of accidents around pools and issues with keeping young children who cannot swim away from swimming pools in the Melbourne and Dandenong regions is critical for your peace of mind. At the end of the day, the safety of the children of family and friends is paramount and having a secure fence that is also attractive to the eye and cost effective will mean that you can relax knowing that all children are safe. At Australian Lattice and Timber there is a wide range of fencing designs for you to choose from and they are all very pleasing to the eye, meaning that the fencing you choose will also become a feature and add value to your property. With our pool fencing we offer an extremely wide range of designs, and colours. The designs are elegant and affordable tubular fencing panels suited to your backyard and swimming pool area. These panels have been NATA tested and as mentioned above, have been found to be 45% stronger than any other fencing on the market. Our fencing is compliant fence and gate tested to exceed Australian Standards AS 1926:2007 certification. Standard heights of this fencing range from 0.9m through to 1.8m, however, to be pool compliant, you will need a height of at least 1.2m and the 1.8m fencing will include an extra rail at 1200mm from the bottom. Standard widths range from 2.4m and 3.0m panels, 0.89m and 1.46m gates (pool compliant). Custom sizes are also available. The range of colours is too numerous to list here, but range from white to beige, greys, browns, greens through to black. The material is aluminium, which is welded and then powder coated for Australia’s harsh conditions. If you are a handy man and wish to do it yourself we can arrange delivery of all materials for you to complete the job yourself. Otherwise, we can arrange for an installer in the Melbourne or Dandenong region to complete your pool fencing for you. See below for a range of garden and pool fencing to enhance your property:
Flat Top Deco Pool Fencing
Melbourne Flat Top Deco Pool Fencing
Loop Top Deco Pool Fencing
Melboutne Loop Top Deco Pool Fencing
Loop and Spear Deco    Pool Fencing
Melbourne Loop and Spear Deco Pool Fencing
Intermittent Ring Deco Pool Fencing
 Melbourne Intermittent Ring Deco Pool Fencing
Ring and Scroll   Deco Pool Fencing
Melbourne Ring and Scroll Deco Pool Fencing
Arched Speartop Deco Fencing
Melbourne Arched Speartop Deco Fencing
Continuous Ring Deco Fencing
Melbourne Continuous Ring Deco Fencing
Intermittent Diamond Deco Fencing
Melbourne Intermittent Diamond Deco Fencing
Rod Top Deco Fencing
Melbourne Rod Top Deco Fencing
Blair Deco Fencing
Melbourne Blair Deco Fencing
Chilton Deco Fencing
Melbourne Chilton Deco Fencing
Classic Elite Deco Fencing
Melbourne Classic Elite Deco Fencing
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