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Timber Decking Supplies for Melbourne & Dandenong, Vic

We Supply Everything You Need To Create A Beautiful Timber Deck

There can be no better outdoor flooring to use than timber decking. Timber decking is a beautiful way to highlight your outdoor living area and it also provides a spectacular earthy look. It is becoming a very popular alternative for homes in the Melbourne and Dandenong regions.

It can be said that good quality timber decking provides a real style statement and at the same time ensures maximum durability. The benefit of this type of decking is that each type of timber will provide its own distinctive look through the grain, colour and character of the wood.

Well constructed and maintained wooden deck will also mean you and your family and friends will want to spend more time outdoors. In fact it can open up your whole home living area, giving the impression that your outdoor area is a natural extension to your home.

There are a few alternatives available for wooden decking, depending on your budget. The timber types we use are:

treated pine decking timber

Treated Pine

Merbau Decking Timber

Merbau Decking

Spotted Gum Decking Wood

Spotted Gum

Modwood Decking Timber


All of these timbers are perfect for the climate in Melbourne & will provide you with stunning looking, great quality wooden deck. The final choice will come down to your individual requirements and budget.

While hardwood timbers are more expensive, softer woods require more regular maintenance including re-sanding and re-sealing. So, keep this in mind when deciding on which way to go with your wooden deck. Spotted Gum is one of the most durable of hardwoods, and is very popular with Melbourne builders. It needs very little maintenance to remain durable, particularly in a fully exposed location.

If you are unsure, the best solution will be to speak to the team at Australian Lattice and Timber who will be able to give you the information you require to decide on the best alternative for your situation.

All decking is going to require some maintenance, even the hardwood timbers. Tell tale signs will include:

•    Cracking
•    Splintering
•    Fading

Again, the team at Australian Lattice and Timber in Melbourne can advise you on maintenance of your decks to ensure you get the best result and keep your deck in beautiful condition over the long term.

We can deliver to you directly and if you are a Melbourne home handy man looking for a project, a wooden deck will be a very fulfilling one. Alternatively, we can assign a wooden decking fixer in the Melbourne or Dandenong region to do the work for you.


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