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Types of Fencing Used for Residential Property

Homeowners install fences to protect their property with their loved ones and pets living in it. Aside from the purpose to safe guard the home; fences are installed to create an appealing look to the property. There are different materials used for fencing and each has its own charm and usefulness. If you are deciding on building a fence for your home, here some types of fencing for residential property that you can choose from, depending on your needs and what would work well for you. Wooden Fencing The choices for good types of wooden fencing may include cedar and redwood. These lightweight wood materials are resistant to rot and insects. Also, both of these do not need staining or painting. They have beautiful black and gray results. Treated softwood like pine can also be resistant to rotting but only when painted and stained. If your concern is privacy, wooden plank fencing may be the best choice. But for informal or airy fencing, wood pickets could be the right choice. The vertical spaces between each board permit air through and also allow views on both sides. With regards to design, uneven cedar wood slashed to have a wavy look and has tree-peeled segments are perfect to make fences look rustic, creating a lodge-style home or a ranch-style house. Metal Fencing Protecting ones property is everyone’s highest priority. So for effective security fences, iron rails are practical. On the other hand, a wrought-iron decorated gates or fences may appraise value to properties aside from making it beautiful. Victorian type of home has an advantage from a sturdy iron fences with gardens unhidden from people passing by. Railings with pointed caps may be compelling to discourage people from hopping over the fence. However, if you have pets or animals within your property, there could be harm as the animals might be impaled on these barbs. Most maligned chain-link fencing could be ideal in residential homes, too. Chain-link fence with darker colors like black or brown may look invisible in landscapes. This kind of fence is strong and also economical. Vinyl Fencing The use of vinyl fencing has an original objective to imitate wood fencing. Unfortunately, the bright-white and shiny materials looked unreal and emerged in well-established neighbors. However, the enhancement in manufacturing procedures of vinyl fencing raised more variety of colors, textures, and the like to fit different costumer needs. A consumer can pick from segments of “plank” private fencing in many colors and styles. Picket-vinyl styles are also possible. Building of vinyl fence panel can be fast on a flat surface but can be difficult on slopes. No painting or staining is needed for vinyl fencing.
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