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What to Consider When Building Decks and Pergolas

Building decks and pergolas is not an easy thing to do. You need to come up with a solid design before you begin construction, no matter whether you hire a contractor to do it for you, or whether you decide to build your deck or pergola personally. Your design and the placement of your outdoor installation are the most critical elements of your deck or pergola, since the value of the structure stems from these elements. Make sure you take all environmental factors into consideration, such as your deck's orientation toward the sun during the day, areas of wind flow, and more. These are of special importance since you want an outdoor deck to be a cool and relaxing sanctuary, especially during searing summer months. Think about the furniture pieces that you plan to use on your outdoor installation. Select the type of furniture that suits not just your personal style, but the climate and the space that your deck will create. Many providers of outdoor fixtures offer a wide selection of elegant yet affordable products. If you've opted for a floating deck or pergola, this is a type of structure that isn't connected to the main house, and therefore requires a series of deck footings near the foundation wall to ensure proper support. Use concrete supports for better hold and ensure that footings are wider at the bottom to avoid becoming submerged. The standard measurement is 48 inches deep, beneath the frost line. Moreover, the foundation should be constructed correctly in order to ensure the stability of your outdoor facility. Get to know the basics on the proper size of footings, spacing, use of rafters, sizes of beams, barrier guidelines, and proper stairway construction. There are numerous patterns and designs that you can use for your decks and pergolas. Beginners can get good advice from experienced builders and suppliers of materials from our professional staff. We  have quality materials that homeowners need, as well as the proper expertise to help you make your outdoor patio design a reality. If you want trusted service, Australian Lattice and Timber has exactly what you need: the right materials and the best professional expertise in outdoor installation construction.
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