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What You Need to Know About Decks and Pergolas

There are many things that a lot of people do not know regarding outdoor decks and pergolas. There are a lot of elements to consider. For instance, have you selected your materials? Have you picked out a design and decided where you will place your deck? Will it be attached to your house, or will it be a free-standing structure such as a pergola or gazebo? With regard to building materials, pressure-treated timber has emerged as one of the most widely-used materials for outdoor terraces. Synthetic components are normally a blend of recycled plastic, sawdust, and wood fragments. These man-made materials do not need much maintenance but can get quite hot if exposed continuously to sunlight. Building a deck requires a lot of excavation to ensure a sufficiently deep and sturdy foundation. The footings need to support the weight of the deck and the number of people it is designed to accommodate. If you wish, you can have a deck with multiple tiers to fill various purposes. A deck with several levels can eliminate the need for constructing many sets of stairs. You will also need to paint the deck in order to protect it against extreme heat, cold, moisture, and normal wear and tear. Make sure to apply an oil or water-based sealant after the paint has fully dried and make the paint more damage resistant. Fasteners are another necessary ingredient, since these serve to conceal unsightly screws. However, since certain types of wood varieties are compatible only with specific fasteners, be sure to research and buy the fasteners that match the timber material. Outdoor decks and pergolas can be a wonderful addition to your home, greatly enhancing the enjoyment you can derive from your natural environment. Just make it a point to learn everything about these structures before going ahead with your construction. Australian Lattice and Timber can help you make the right decision in terms of materials and design, by helping you find the best options that suit your budget and your style.
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