Colorbond® Fencing Supplies for Melbourne & Dandenong Properties

As fencing goes, Colorbond® fencing is one of the more recent additions to fencing choice that Australian home owners have. Many years ago the faded grey picket fence was standard in the typical Aussie neighbourhood and was then replaced by the “super 6” fence which has served neighbourhoods well for well over 40 years or even longer.

At Australian Lattice and Timber we use only the highest quality Colorbond fencing ensuring you are getting a fence that is going to last the distance.

So what makes a Colorbond® fence so attractive to a home owner in the Melbourne and Dandenong areas?

  • Available in many colours and combinations
  • One of the most advanced steel products in the current market
  • Anti-corrosive material
  • Developed for the harsh Australian conditions
  • Meets stringent Australian Standards (AS1397 | AS2728)
  • Backed by a 10 year warranty from BlueScope® Steel

In addition, Colorbond® fencing is extremely well priced compared to other fencing products in the market.

colorbond fencing

Our materials are of an extremely high quality starting with a superior strength post which has:

  • Extra wide twin rib design
  • Drainage gusset (allowing water to drain out with no obstruction)
  • Screw locating seam, allowing for tek screws to be drilled into the optimal position
  • Fenscreen® caps (unique design ensuring caps are fastened for the life of the fence)

The benefit to you the customer, is that you can rest easy knowing that there will be a long life span for your fence with minimal maintenance. If anything does happen to a panel, it is easily replaced. Additionally, Colorbond® steel is designed to withstand most wind conditions.

At Australian Lattice and Timber, we can supply the materials for your Colorbond® fence and will provide details of professional contractors who will build the fence for you, no matter where you live in the Melbourne or Dandenong regions. Alternatively, you may want to get together with your neighbour if you are a handyman and do it yourself.