Outdoor Timber – Decks and Pergolas

We can help you design and cost your dream deck and/or pergola. We stock kiln dried (micro reeded) F7 treated pine, design pine, framing pine, laminated timbers and various decking in majority of the sizes you will need.

Merbau, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Treated pine, Cypress pine are our preferred species. We stock posts ranging from 90mm through to 250mm in various timbers, and also provide dressing, routing and re-sizing services.

We provide roofing – colour bond and poly carbonates.
We deliver!

Fencing – Paling, Picket

We are known for our quality materials and will arrange quotes and provide names of reliable contractors. We deliver!

Tell us what you want – Chances are that we will be able to make it for you. We deliver.


We have a variety of hardware products. Our stock includes bolts, drill bits, screws, bugle battens, post supports, All types of nails, decking oils, saw blades, cutting wheels, latches and many other items.