When it comes to the necessary aesthetics of the great outdoors of your living spaces, making the appropriate timber decking material selection is crucial if you want to design a beautiful (read: weather resistant; since we do it all!) outdoor area in Melbourne. Explore these aesthetics below:


Treated Pine:

One of our most popular and affordable decking materials is treated pine. It is protected against rot, decay, and termite damage thanks to a preservative treatment that increases its endurance. Treated Pine can endure heat and moisture, making it appropriate for Melbourne’s climate. It offers a diverse canvas for sleek and creative deck designs and may be stained or painted to produce various looks for aesthetic seekers.


Merbau, the charismatic rockstar of timber decking, flaunts its deep reddish-brown beauty and superhero-like durability. With a natural resistance to insects, deterioration, and decomposition, it fearlessly tackles Melbourne’s climate, handling high humidity and temperature changes effortlessly. Its rich color and captivating grain patterns create a warm and inviting deck that transports you to a tropical paradise.


Say hello to Modwood, the decking material that is changing the game! Made from a fusion of recycled wood fibres and plastic, it is the decking equivalent of a low-maintenance superstar. It has got all the resistance you need to keep your deck looking fresh and fabulous. And the best part? No staining, sealing, or painting required! Modwood is like the lazy gardener’s dream come true. Plus, it knows how to dress to impress with a variety of colours to suit your outdoor style.

Spotted Gum:

This Aussie hardwood is as tough as nails, ready to face Melbourne’s everchanging weather with its unstoppable resilience. Termites, rot, fire damage? Not anymore! Spotted gum is a damage-resistant, natural-born showstopper, with distinctive patterns and a vast color range, from soft greys to deep hues.


We are here to lend a helping hand in your quest for the perfect timber decking material in Melbourne. Think of us as your deck-savvy companion, guiding you through the wild world of durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and budget. With the right choice, you will be rocking a weather-resistant and eye-catching outdoor space that will make your outdoor dreams come true. So, let us team up and find the ideal timber decking material that checks all your boxes!