Timber decking in Melbourne is more than simply a decorative outside element; it also serves as

a depiction of the homeowner’s personal style of outdoor living. As trends and ideas change with the times, exciting new opportunities for creating beautiful and functional outdoor areas open up. Here are some of the newest timber decking trends in Melbourne, along with the cutting-edge layouts and designs that are enticing homeowners and revolutionising outdoor living;

Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalism is one prominent trend in Melbourne’s timber decking industry. This design has an

emphasis on simplicity and is characterised by clear lines and smooth surfaces. To achieve a minimalist effect, homeowners are using broad, consistent decking planks. The contemporary appearance is further enhanced by using concealed fasteners and making smooth transitions between interior and outdoor spaces. In order to create a modern and opulent atmosphere, the color scheme for minimalist decks tends to be cold tones like greys and light browns.

Sustainability Practices

Melbourne households are increasingly choosing eco-friendly decking materials as sustainability gains prominence. A popular option there is composite decking using Modwood, which is created from recyclable materials

. These resource-saving materials are durable, need little maintenance, and are less harmful to the environment. And since sustainable decking complies with their environmental beliefs, homeowners can indulge in their outdoor areas guilt-free!


Indoor-Outdoor Fusion

Melbourne continues to see a boom in the trend of seamless indoor-outdoor integration. In order to extend their living spaces, homeowners are blending the boundaries between their interior and outdoor environments. Incorporating elements like huge sliding glass doors or bi-fold doors that smoothly link the interior and deck is part of this trend. The idea of continuity is further enhanced by consistent decking materials and design components, such as coordinating treated wood furniture or matching reddish-brown color palettes.



Melbourne homeowners are adopting multi-level decking to give their outdoor areas depth and better functionality. This fashion entails building layers or levels inside the deck, each with a distinct function. For instance, one floor may be set aside for dining while another has a relaxing space with plush chairs. Multi-level decking makes the most of the available space by using vertical space, establishing discrete zones for different activities, and adding aesthetic flair.


Statement Elements

An intriguing trend in Melbourne’s timber decking designs is the use of statement elements. Beyond the fundamental deck design, homeowners are introducing eye-catching features. Incorporating solid hardwood, fire pits (perfect with our Spotted Gum planks!), water features (Check our moisture resistant decking materials!), or even outdoor kitchens may fall under this category. In addition to adding usefulness, statement features can produce focus points that improve the overall design. It is about making a strong impression and changing the deck into an excellent outdoor living area that attracts attention and wows visitors.


Biophilic Decks

Trends in Melbourne’s timber decking are being influenced by biophilic designs, which emphasise a connection with nature. For their outdoor areas to feel more tranquil, homeowners are using natural features like plants, green walls, and living screens. In order to create a warm and organic ambience, this trend emphasises the use of natural materials like Merbau timber, allowing homeowners to build a tranquil haven in their backyard by immersing themselves in nature’s splendor.


The choices for designing magnificent outdoor spaces are infinite, ranging from contemporary minimalism and sustainable decking to indoor-outdoor fusion and statement elements. Homeowners can make their decks into lovely and functional extensions of their houses by keeping up with the most recent trends, and we here to update you with and guide you through it all, from ideas to execution!