Our Timber decks provide Melbourne homeowners with a blank canvas on which they can paint their individual sense of style and design a special outdoor area. Decks may be made into entrancing, unique havens by being customised. Here is a brief analysis of the countless design options for modifying timber decks in Melbourne, including adding curves, patterns, and other materials like glass or metal.


Captivating Curves

Forget about those straight and predictable lines; it’s time to get curvalicious! Incorporating curves into your deck design is like adding a little magic to your outdoor space. Imagine gracefully winding deck borders or walkways that make you feel like you’re strolling through a fairytale garden. Soft curves, sawed, sanded and  rounded edges – the options are as limitless as your imagination. Why stick to straight lines when you can embrace the curvy revolution and bring a touch of originality and irresistible aesthetics to your outdoor haven? Get ready to let those curves work their magic and transform your timber deck into a captivating and whimsical paradise!

Patterns that Intrigue

Patterns can transform timber decks into works of art! Eye-catching designs can be made by including patterns with variously colored timber boards or by arranging the decking boards in unique patterns. The character of the deck is further enhanced by contrasting timber planks being inlaid or by utilising several species of timber to create elaborate patterns. With our help, Melbourne residents can now transform their wooden decks into attractive outdoor focal areas by experimenting with these designs (isn’t that great?).



Consider using various materials into your timber deck design to offer another level of inventiveness. Glass panels can be utilised as railings in order to offer a clear view and give a contemporary touch. Combine wood with wood and add picket fencing to your timber decks, to add your own sense of privacy with a touch of style. Metal accents, such as handrails or balusters, can infuse an industrial or contemporary aesthetic as well.

Light the Mood

A timber deck can be made more useful and the ambience can be established with lighting. Homeowners can use their outdoor spaces later into the night by adding integrated lighting components. A cosy and welcoming atmosphere can be produced with post cap lights, under-railing lights, or recessed deck lighting. Integral step lights or pathway lighting enhance the deck’s appearance while also adding a touch of safety.


Melbourne homeowners are now just an enquiry session away from building outdoor areas that are genuinely a reflection of their personalities and styles by customising their timber decks. You can create gorgeous and personalised getaways on their timber decks by including curves, patterns, different materials, integrated lighting, and distinctive seating and storage options. Timber decks provide countless customisation options, allowing homeowners to create outdoors that seamlessly integrate with their way of life.